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Are You Ready to Have your Child and Finally Be Done With the Waiting?

This is for Couples and Single Women Who Wish to Conceive…

So You Can Get Pregnant & Welcome Your Soul Child.

I will share with you FIVE Simple Steps!

Did You Know, It Takes 90 Days to Create Healthy Eggs & Sperm?

Yes! It’s true

Did You Know the Longer it Takes to Get Pregnant, the Harder It Is to Maintain Intimacy?

Yes! This is true too! That is why I’m inviting you to a FREE Masterclass on Consciously Conceive your Baby – Five Steps to Deepen your Intimacy for Fertility.  With an opportunity to be coached live with me!


Click HERE to Join me LIVE on March 22nd at 7.30pm AEST


What I know to be true from my work in this industry, including working with Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate).

I see the pain.

• I see and feel your longing.

• I hear the cries for help from couples and women who are desperate to conceive.

• I understand the emotional, spiritual and physical suffering when you or your partners sex drive declines.

Maybe you’re dreaming about a divine conception of your soul child, inviting it to drop into your womb with ease, ready to light up your life and that of the people around you…

And it is possible!

And that is why I’ve dedicated myself to helping women and couples fall pregnant, naturally. I know without a doubt that it can be done, no matter your story.

But I also know that conceiving isn’t possible without first taking a DEEP look at your lifestyle, your mindset and your intimacy. Everything is connected.

In the Consciously Conceive your Baby masterclass you’ll discover first hand why preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are the key ingredients to fertility.

You are about to enter the possibility of great change and growth in your life.

But first, who am I? Can you trust me?

Hi, my name is Helen Zee. I’m an Intimacy Coach, Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Alchemist for individuals and couples who want to embrace their sacred sexuality and conceive their soul child, without having to fork out in excess of $20,000 for IVF treatment.

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. I even once worked for Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate).

In addition, I’m a fitness trainer, qualified yoga teacher and nutritional coach. And I have a Bachelor of Science. The information and teachings I share are backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge.

I’m wholesome and holistic in my approach to life. I have been told that I am the “heart and presence” of what I do, because I listen and give transformational guidance and advice to people’s pain.

Preconception is a rite of passage.

Many couples don’t consider the change in sexual relationships when trying to create a baby. All too often sex changes, sex around ovulation becomes stressful and intimacy wanes.

This affects the reproductive energy needed to birth your child. WHY?

Because sex, intimacy, emotions all evolve from our sexual energy centre. Anything unresolved comes up to be resolved.  

My vision is to teach you the practices on lifestyle and sexuality to birth your family from loving presence and deep interconnectedness.

You can have a deeper loving sensual relationship long after the thermometers, ovulation kits and pregnancy tests are over. This is the cornerstone of creating happy families. I hope to see you at the masterclass.


Click HERE to Join me LIVE on March 22nd at 7.30pm AEST


Take a peek inside the program…

I will share with you a FIVE Step System that will guide you into the ancient yet simple teachings of conception, fertility and relationships. This will include guidance for home play exercises for you to implement.

PLUS and opportunity for a few couples to have LIVE coaching with me. So come prepared with your questions!

The FIVE Step System to Consciously Conceive your Baby – Delve deeper into Intimacy and Sexuality for Fertility is perfect for you if:

• You want to prepare your body for conception.

• You’re ready to release fears & anxiety around pregnancy and parenthood.

• You’re interested in sexual empowerment for greater intimacy in your relationship… before, during and after babies.

• Wish to discover any blockages, shift past limitations and gain clarity about what is possible for you.

• Awaken the sacred fertile power within you.


Click HERE to Join me LIVE on March 22nd at 7.30pm AEST

The masterclass will be recorded if you or your partner cannot make it, so please ensure you register!

Stay juicy, curious and joyful,