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Miscarriage and terminations can leave a woman and couple living with sadness and grief. Emotional and physical manifestations may be exacerbated as a result of loss. But this does not need to cripple your experience, it does not need to shape your sense of self worth.

Feel and experience the gift in releasing, understanding and exploring your experience.

More often then not, there are unclaimed messages from your Spirit Baby that still lives in a mothers aura. Spirit Babies are those that are yet to be born – some come in for a short period of time to visit the human experience. There are messages to shed light on why a miscarriage occurred – and for the child to know it is safe enough to return. With terminations, the baby may need to know it is safe to return at a later time – whether to you, or another parent.

Miscarriages, terminations, ectopic pregnancies, even still born babies carry spiritual messages that can go beyond the everyday understanding of the mind. The common feeling of grief can carry strong. It has no timeline. It can be unexpressed for years, decades.

You have the opportunity to:
~ heal womb grief
~ reconcile lost aspects of yourself and feel the worthiness of your whole magnificent self
~ connect with your womb wisdom and tune into anything unresolved that can make itself known to you, plus tap into what steps you can put in place to complete your healing.
~ tune into messages from your Spirit Baby that shaped that part of your life
~ solo & group practices of exploring, understanding, and reconciling your experience.
~ bathe in a sound healing bath using crystal bowls

The venue is a cherished repurposed chapel set in vast natural woodland surrounding in Lower Plenty, Melbourne. There is a moat and a lot of land surrounding the property. Our time together will be spent both indoors in guided active practices and mediations, as well as outdoors connecting with Mother Nature.

Pregnancy loss holds a magnificent healing capacity. When you can tap into it, you get to delve into the greater wisdom that helped shape that experience.

Your investment:
Early Bird ticket until 10th October at $47
Thereafter, $67
Includes all materials for the process and an organic nourishing afternoon tea.

About Helen Zee:

My careers span from Pharmaceutical Health & Wellbeing and Sexual Health.
I am a scientist by education, a sensuality and spirituality teacher by journey.
My work was birthed from the deep calling to unite science with spirit and bring fertility teachings to reproductive issues. And help singles and couples to the sacred and cherished gift of fulfilling relationships, sensuality and procreation.
I am a mother of two adult children, and have also experienced loss of an unborn baby that I will share with you.

A satisfying life is lived with conscious relating, conscious conception, conscious parenting, whatever stage you are at, I support you with depth and clarity.
I challenge the status quo of “stuckness and stagnation” to create newness and flow.


I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for opening up this path for me. For setting me off on what I feel is going to be the most transformational journey of my life.
I can’t really convey my feelings with words. What you did for me, was so beautiful, so kind. An old part of me felt like I didn’t deserve it, but you made me feel like I did. You gave me such an incredible gift. You showed me a whole new experience of touch, of love and of support. You made me feel like I was worthy ~ Emma Kitchen, 32, United Kingdom

I did the womb alignment/calling in my souls child meditation it Helen at a critical point of my IVF journey. After 20 years of trying to conceive and three failed IVF attempts I was recommended to move to donor eggs. Up until I met Helen, all I could feel was obstacles. I had a termination 24 years ago, and failed pregnancies. I was at a loss. The womb alignment session bridged a big healing gap that I did not realise I was still carrying. I feel lighter, hopeful and more integrated on my path. I am truly grateful. Judy Payne, 44, Melbourne.