Vaginal Steaming for Fertility

Know how to assess your own menstrual blood so that you can determine the health of your uterus—the future home of your unborn child is important when trying to conceive. Vaginal Steaming is starting to be seen as a powerful fertility support treatment. Find out the how, the do's and don's of this ancient practice.

Understanding Sexual Sadness

When intimacy reaches its peak and resolution, you may be left wondering “Is this all?” or worse—feeling terribly sad and alone. If you have experienced this low after the high of sexual intimacy, you are certainly not alone.


The 'sweet spot' in relationship is not indifferent to the sweet spot in life. You feel enlivened during the day, happy to hang out and explore. You keep investing in your personal interests. And you invest in each other.You don't survive, you thrive. Let's explore more in this discussion.

We want the spark back! 

This challenge has baffled couples, and most try ways to 'get it back', with short term results. The trap is diminishing intimacy over time by becoming complacent and not giving each other priority. The result feeling that being platonic is as good as it's going to get. There is a way - and I show you how!