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Do You Choose The Solo or Yo-Yo Relationship?

Far too many people allow themselves to fall into what I call the yo-yo relationship out of weakness, suitability or neediness. This may come across as harsh. But when a relationship sticks on the recycle button life can feel cumbersome and tough.

The Cocktail of Attraction

Our hormonal system is responsible for creating rewarding sensual and spirit experiences. And in the same vain, the act of sex can be a double-edged sword when we are navigating our emotions and desires. How can the act of lovemaking give people experiences of deep euphoric bliss and at other times, feel disjointed, empty and unfulfilled?

Biting The Golden Bullet

Have you ever had that moment where all you wanted was the earth to open up and swallow you? Oh yeh, and add to that all memory of what just occurred get erased?

Is Procrastination Killing Your Desire

Observing my procrastination has helped me share the insights with my fertility and intimacy clients. Both of these realms are renowned for ‘putting things off’.

Is IVF Making You Infertile?

Trying to get pregnant can turn into infertility. It’s a big statement. You are wanting to have a child.You have tried naturally for the suggested time. Your

Raising The Love In Your Relationship

Would you agree that any foreseeable change you endeavour demands your attention, diligence and your joy barometer to be on? Leaving anything to chance or to tomorrow

Reforming The Modern Day Relationship

Modern day relationships undergoing reform need more support from community and services. Two decades ago divorce and separation became more acceptable. Resources which help relationships and families

My Life as Fertile Cosmos

As I sat in my last corporate job five years ago, I thought it was the last major upheaval and change I was going to make. Moving