The Cocktail of Attraction

Our hormonal system is responsible for creating rewarding sensual and spirit experiences. And in the same vain, the act of sex can be a double-edged sword when we are navigating our emotions and desires. How can the act of lovemaking give people experiences of deep euphoric bliss and at other times, feel disjointed, empty and unfulfilled?

My Life as Fertile Cosmos

As I sat in my last corporate job five years ago, I thought it was the last major upheaval and change I was going to make. Moving on my life after a 19 year marital relationship, and a career spanning 18 years in pharmaceutical I imagined huge change was complete

2017-07-19T11:18:22+10:00November 22nd, 2016|Blog, Intimacy and Tantra, Women’s Sexuality|

Fertile Mind, Fertile Body

Do you have an Infertility Mindset that is making it more difficult to create the changes you want? It's a blunt question, I know but it may be keeping you from conceiving. I find when working with people TTC (trying to conceive) there can be underlying mindset of infertility -

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