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Explore the art of hugging  that leaves you feeling your inner soul connection. Feel the natural energy that awakens in you. welcome it for yourself. And allow it to be the guide as you share within the circle and in your everyday life. 

Wake your senses via exploration  in a safe consensual container as we meld hugging, connection, dance and play into an afternoon of delight-full-ness.

Prolonged hugging allows us to drop the veneer of quick connection and feel what is beneath us. Allowing us to sense and accept each other in the here and the now.

In a recent festival workshop, I melded these two events into one – and the depth of self connection, presence and holding was exquisite. Hugging practices of various lengths, led to heart openings. With sensual play being sweet surrender, with clear conversation and trust on comfort levels.

This evening is about creating a space to explore yourself to be reflective of your intimacy and communication whilst honing into your partners needs. 



  • Communication on consensual touch and boundaries – how to ask for what you want at any given moment
  • Art of Hugging practices with various lengths
  • Sensual play through your senses
  • Inhabit more of our true nature by welcoming our masculine and feminine polarities
  • Tantric practices you can integrate at home
  • Sensual play materials like scarves and feathers
  • Food and refreshments will be provided


“Your first gift is creating a safe space of trust to allow our humanness to be expressed. You offered a night where everyone was taken care of, able to delve deep in the practices to explore what was there. Simply beautiful” Jude, Melbourne

“Your grace, intelligence and application to the work is brilliant!” Mark 44, Cairns

“In all my years of group spaces, workshops and tantra events this night by far tops it! the deepening in the practices taking me and my partner on a journey of the senses and our sensuality is a treasured gift” Sensual Play for Couples Event – Mario and Rosa, Melbourne