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As women, we are not taught how to view our menstrual bleed or hormonal symptoms as a way of determining what is going on inside of us.

Instead many put up with the hardship of painful periods, fertility and sexuality issues.

When you know how you can read your bleeds, you access how the quality of your blood, the duration of your flow, and the tempo of your cycle depicts your health.

And ways to fine tune your lifestyle within any given month to balance your wellness.

I guide you towards your inner wisdom, and experience whole-person health!

Join me LIVE for 4 weeks (replays available)

This short course will give you the 4 x 4 formula of menstrual wellness:

♥ Access the four phases of your cycle and the lunar cycle

♥ Common menstrual imbalances and how to rectify them

♥ Recipes & whole foods to eat in line with the four phases

♥ Herbal remedies via Vaginal (Yoni) Steam baths. And how to steam at home safely.

Too many women go through their cycle month in and month out ‘normalising’ pain, PMS, irregular bleeds, long cycles, short cycles and infections – just to name a few.

And many more hate, yes hate their period – that’s a long time to disapprove of your natural body’s cycle.

Add to this delayed fertility when you do decide to conceive.

I work with women to get in touch with their cycle with the aim to experience a healthy, vibrant life in this glorious body of woman-ness. 

A healthy menstrual bleed is 4-5 days long

Is red and rich in colour (no brown/black blood, no clots)

And our cycle is between 27-30 days each month

With little to no pain…

If you’d like to experience the vibrancy of life through a healthy cycle then I invite you sweet woman to join me.

Join me LIVE starting November 5th at 7.30pm AEST. We meet every Thursday for four weeks (replays available).

Which is why I’ve created this informative and enriching short course. I’ll use my years of experience to teach you the 4 x 4 menstrual health formula that boosts your vitality and balances your cycles.

In the Menstrual Health Optimisation Short Course you’ll access lots of information to understand the cycles within the cycles of your menses.

You will have comprehensive tuition and personalised attention on:

• How the main hormones affect the phases of your cycle.

• How to overcome challenges and obstacles with imbalances.

• Deepen your relationship with your body… through food, self care tips and tracking the lunar phase.

• Receive recipes and heaps of whole food choices that align with hormonal optimisation.

• What herbal remedies are best for you to Yoni (V-Steam) with

• How Yoni Steam Baths help with rectifying your cycle.

***The price of the course includes your personalised Yoni Steam Herbal Blends.


Nov 5th – Follicular phase: hormonal profile, common imbalances, remedies of rectification, food choices and recipes

Nov 12th – Ovulation phase: hormonal profile, common imbalances, remedies of rectification, food choices and recipes

Nov 19th – Luteal Phase: hormonal profile, common imbalances, remedies of rectification, food choices and recipes

Nov 26th – Menses Phase: hormonal profile, common imbalances, remedies of rectification, food choices and recipes

Join me LIVE and receive personalised attention, starting Nov 5th at 7.30pm AEST

Your facilitator is Helen Zee ~ author, vaginal steam facilitator and fertility mentor. She has helped countless women connect deeply with their body wisdom through identifying menstrual health imbalances, and fertility obstacles. The protocols assigned are informative, and attainable in creating lasting change. She holds a Bsc, Qualified Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher ad Nutritional Coach.

AN INSPIRED SHARE: It may sound like you already know how menstrual cycles, hormones, food choices and self care works – but I can assure you the information shared is content rich and easy to relate to. 

One of my beautiful clients Chelsea was experiencing 45 day cycles with 7 day bleeds. Her bleeds felt like baby contractions and she felt a lot of resistance every month to what she had to endure. 

Together we worked on her protocol which involved yoni steaming with the right herbs, weekly food choices, exercise and self care rituals. She got to experience an ‘ecstatic’ bleed (her words, not mine). She had a 30 day cycle with 4 days of rich red blood that felt amazing, looked amazing and was chuffed!

She was surprised it worked….she trusted…and now shares her story with many others.


You will receive a Zoom Link and Password when you book, which will need to be entered when you join the meeting.

You will receive a menstrual health questionnaire when you book, and will be guided through a specific protocol that you will follow over the short course.

I will guide you how to prepare a steam bath at home which you can participate in over the four weeks.

LIMITED SPACES to 12 women – This enables me to give you personalised attention throughout the course.

The masterclasses will be recorded if you cannot make it, so please ensure you register!

You will also get post session notes, recipes, whole food choices to aid you.

It is my honour to share with you the years of experiential and education I have on womens health.

Stay juicy and curious,

Menstrual Health Optimisation {Short Course}

PS. Image Credit – My daughter Rebecca, who I massage regularly 😉



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