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FEATURING FERTILITY YOGA and QiGong for Kidney Health.

Gather as women and tune into your fertile body wisdom.

Everything you need to create new life lives within you.

We are living through unprecedented times during our recent global events. AND the collective and individual force to create new life is running strong for many of you.

I have created the Virtual Fertile Woman’s Gathering as an offer to enable you to feel the support that is available to you to become pregnant and birth during these times.

The practices I share help you to experience your body with more vitality, spaciousness and wellbeing. AND to receive the support you need. This special class will involve a fertility yoga sequence that I have created and taught for a number of years. It also involves a medical Qigong series that has been taught by Qigong Master Simon Blow – as featured in my DVD (see below).

Our world is asking you to be part of birthing a new world.

New beginnings, procreate a child, loving relationships. All are ignited by the same source.

In many cultures women’s circles become powerful gatherings for sharing and empowerment. We leave the external forces of everyday life behind and hone into the essence of our femininity and creativity.

This virtual monthly circle includes:::

~ sharing – to create connection and be heard with heart. Being witnessed is powerful for both you and the group. You get to learn deeper ways of communicating which can be used in all your communications

~ guided meditations –  internal alignment; release tension; improve energy flow and feel expanded in your body

~ Fertility Yoga sequence created for promoting balanced hormonal health and toning of the reproductive space.

~ opportunity to purchase the DVD at 50% off retail price – $15

Each month we bring in lifestyle factors to help you balance your external and internal world. You will feel empowered, home within your body, safe and supported.

I am passionate in sharing with women the ancient forgotten ways that empower our lives. Women’s womb wisdom is yours, ours. The power of our mysteries lives within us. We have the keys to unlock our potential.

My careers span from Pharmaceutical Health & Wellbeing and Sexual Health. I’m a scientist by education, a sexuality and spirituality teacher by journey.

My work was birthed from the deep calling to unite science with spirit and bring fertility teachings to creativity. And help singles and couples open to the sacred and cherished gift of fulfilling relationships, sensuality and procreation.

A satisfying life is lived with conscious relating, conscious conception, conscious parenting, whatever stage you are at, I support you with depth and clarity.

With love,

Author of Consciously Conceive Your Baby; Inner Secrets to Boost your Fertility and Getting Pregnant.

Creator of Yoga and Qigong for Fertility DVD

[Virtual] Fertile Woman Gathering Feat Fertility Yoga