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You are wholeheartedly and whole bodily invited to share in an exquisite experience of yoni steaming and ceremonial cacao ritual. Experience the benefits of ancient plant medicine grown by Earth to nourish and open our hearts and wombs.

Precious women, I have been steeped in the combination of this practice for a few months now (personally, with friends and clients). The effects of combining the heart opening effects of Ceremonial Cacao with the soft, lush practise of yoni steaming has offered a unique and potent way to commune and nourish our bodies with deeper awareness.

The circle space supports you to connect to your body rhythm, wisdom and to navigate your bodies into equilibrium using the medicinal properties of organic hand blended herbs and cacao.


Guided Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming. First timers are welcomed!

Feel nourished, connected and in authority with your body.

This immersion also involves a guided practice of self womb massage.

You will receive a detailed tutorial on different steaming set ups (including your toilet…so you do NOT need and equipment).

Single dose herbal blends can be purchased – refer to the different payment options below.

There is an option to buy larger packs of herbal blends from my shop.

Single dose Ceremonial Cacao can be purchased. Please note: If its your first time drinking ceremonial cacao, please order the 28g dose. If you have journeyed with cacao in the past, please order the 35g dose – refer to the different payment options below.

You will receive a detailed user guide on preparing the Cacao in the welcome email.

Everything will be laid out and you will be guided through.

I am honoured and delighted to guide you through this exquisite experience of creating a deeper sacred relationship with your  body.


Sliding scale of $22-$40.

Purchase the Yoni Steam Session for $22, and then add to your cart if you require the herbs and/or cacao.

Remember, if you have NOT drank ceremonial cacao before, order the 28gms. If you HAVE drank cacao before, order the 35gms. If you have your own herbs and/or cacao, ONLY BOOK the Yoni Steam Bath session.

***Order for herbs and ceremonial cacao BEFORE 28th October 8.00pm to allow time for shipping and delivery.


  • Yoni herbs and Ceremonial grade Cacao (see ticket options to purchase your bundle)
  • If you do have herbs specific for your cycle, please use these.
  • A private space where you will not be interrupted and can relax into your immersion
  • Choice of a toilet, a canvas chair with a hole cut out, a yoni steam chair or two wooden chairs (more details in the tutorials).
  • Two blankets
  • A stainless steel bowl that can fit on the rim of your toilet seat (if using a toilet seat).

Some Information on the products:

Yoni Steam blend: I will post through the Relax-Me blend which is a gentle blend. If you already have a Rose Temple Yoni Steam Blend, or another blend, please use this instead.

Ceremonial Cacao: Is a high grade Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao bean paste, specially chosen for its potency and high vibration. It is 100% whole bean Criollo Nativo, organically grown with sustainable practices.

There are times where Yoni Steam Baths are not suitable. The steam can bring on negative side effects. These are listed below. You get a credit if you book can cannot make a session due to the following:


  • You are on your menses/have fresh blood (its ok to steam on brown blood days)
  • You are pregnant
  • You are spontaneously bleeding – where you bleed 2 x month as a part period or spotting in the last 3 months..
  • Trying to Conceive – no steaming unless you have had a personalised consult with me and are on the Fertile Blend with a strict protocol to follow.

If you are unsure – or have any questions on Yoni Steaming, please email me here

The session will not be recorded, there will be no replay available.

It is an honour to share this sacred practice with you.

In loving appreciation,

{Virtual} Yoni Steaming & Ceremonial Cacao Ritual

Pix Credit: Darla Petrilli