For couples or individuals who want to:

Find the Secret to Fertility

That is Hidden Deep Within Your Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual State!

You’re about to enter the possibility of great change and growth in your life. Through this page lies the path to your conscious conception.

Available to you whether you’re a couple looking to conceive or a single woman on the path to parenthood.

Preconception is a rite of passage. And I’m ready to support you with a customised Fertility Coaching Session that:

  • Supports your body to be ready for conception.
  • Look at changes around food, fitness and lifestyle.
  • Will optimise your menstrual cycle of imbalances.
  • Explores the sacredness and mystery of conception, pregnancy and relationships on a deep level.
  • Opens you to the soul cradle and your spirit baby.

Fertility Coaching: the what, why and how

Tired of feeling like your life is on hold every time you see a pregnant woman? Then this totally customised experience may be what you’re looking for.

And worse, when you keep changing your habits in an attempt to “get it right” this month, but it leads to confusion of what to do next?
I don’t want you to waste another minute…make that another second!

Delayed fertility can be due to a number of reasons, and I have developed the blueprint that has worked time and time again for many successful pregnancies.  Going it alone with no clear direction no longer needs to be in your way.

If you are wanting to do everything you can to prepare your body and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy then look no further. You already know that lifestyle can affect our fertility. There is much research on the net saying so. But what is best practise? Researched? Most effective of your TIME & EFFORT?
 The 6 key areas of a healthy lifestyle gets addressed. The personalised program that I create for you and/or your partner is backed by research and results based through 18 years of private practice, including a leading IVF Lifestyle program that was facilitated personally by me.
Nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, intimacy, self care and renewed hope all influence the chances of pregnancy for both women and men.

And I also acknowledge the frustrations and challenges that intermix with the hope and yearning

  • A sense of isolation and a strain on relationships, the feeling of ‘no one fully understands’ what it’s like for me.
  • Concentrating at work has become challenging. You hope colleagues don’t see your anguish, as you keep showing up with a smile. 
  • The worry of ongoing medical expenses and treatments that keeps changing course, hoping this next round will be the one. 
  • Hormonal imbalances and menstrual irregularities that haven’t been properly addressed via the lifestyle lens.
  • Feeling betrayed by your body, hijacked by the fertility journey – a time which should be empowering and joyous.


Take a peek into what is possible….In this talk, I share three simple (G-rated) tips to connect with yourself more deeply. There is plenty of room for lighthearted …fun!

Read my new book: Consciously-Conceive-Your-Baby-Sidebar

Encouraging Praise

“10 years TTC, 3 prior IVF attempts, twins at 45, it is possible! Helen’s program and care came at a critical point in my journey. I had exhausted many resources. I was frustratedly going around in circles. The support received here bought me to tears. I could count on the wisdom and unwavering support, even in the wobbly times. I had to use donor eggs, and was solo by this stage. Helen helped me ‘call in’ the perfect donor who was an exact mirror of myself. It was a most special time, where I turned a medical process into a sacred moment.” Judy Payne


“I had the liberated pregnancy I desired second time around, after complications, IVF and hospitalisation with my first. Before starting to try for our second, we took Helen’s advice for 5 months prior. This time around, no IVF, no hospitalisation, no C-section. We thought we were healthy, but this program got us over the line to add to our family. Cat and Doug

“I was accepted by IVF! Losing the excess weight helped me immensely. Your guidance and programs helped me reshape my body. I went from extremely obese to the normal range which meant I was accepted in IVF. Doing the programs with my husband was so supportive. We broke our bad habits and introduced new ones. I feel more confident going into motherhood.” Tracey and Wolfgang

But first, who am I? Can you trust me?

Hi, my name is Helen Zee. I’m a Fertility Intimacy and Menstrual Health Practitioner  for individuals and couples who want to embrace their sacred sexuality and conceive their soul child, without having to fork out in excess of $20,000 for IVF treatment.

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. I even once worked for Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate). Proof to the IVF faculty that healthy lifestyle and fitness does work!! One of the highlights of my career. 

In addition, I’m a qualified fitness professional, yoga teacher and nutritional coach. And I have a Bachelor of Science. The information and teachings I share are backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge applied through IVF and concurrently in my private practice .

I’m wholesome and holistic in my approach to life. I have been told that I am the “heart and presence” of what I do, because I listen and give transformational guidance and advice to people’s pain.

I’m going to show you how you can awaken the sacred fertile power within you…

And become the conscious conceiver!

Many couples don’t know this, but the reason they’re struggling to conceive, could be caused by physical, mental and emotional blocks and:

  • Relationship dynamic changes
  • Sexual dysfunction under pressure
  • Hormonal health and imbalances
  • Lifestyle imbalances
  • Fears around childhood upbringing repeating itself
  • Previous pregnancy loss
  • Worthiness of being a parent
  • IVF and Assisted Therapies

I help you discover any blockages, shift past limitations and gain clarity about what is possible for you.

Your sessions begins with a consultation that will help me understand your progress and needs in future sessions. You have an actionable plan that is easy to implement plus nutrition, exercise and mindfulness plans accessible via an online library. You also receive 1:1 coaching sessions and follow up support calls. You have me as your fertility support partner for the whole time of the program. 

The sessions involve a practice component where we work with learning techniques that magnify your fertility power. One way I do this is via tantric principles. I explain more below.

Discover the power of Tantric Bodywork and Breathwork*

In the session, I will take you and/or your partner through breath and movement practices to increase vitality and receptivity in your body. These practices show you deeper ways of opening your body’s receptivity and  harnesses the intention of creating new life.

This allows for the release of stagnant energies (shown as stress, emotional harbouring) and unconscious ways of relating with your body due to past physical, emotional or childhood grievances.

During these sessions men get to experience the sacred masculine, AND the deeper role his genetic predisposition plays in baby creation…as opposed to feeling like you are a baby-making machine.

This is fast becoming a pioneering blueprint in fertility…so much so that I authored a book “Consciously Conceive Your Baby, the inner secrets to boosting your fertility and getting pregnant”.

Women get to experience how to be opened through their heart and womb space, to feel deep trust and presence.

By magnifying your sexual energy, you magnify your pregnancy potential. Your lovemaking opens up to deeper sensual flow, the magic required to light up your womb and ignite your intimacy, and let the divine spark of new life enter you.

***NOTE: There are no sexual practices engaged within the sessions. The practitioner is fully clothed and offers demonstrated practices and tutoring. Your homework as a couple is to engage in conscious touch, relating and sexual expression. Practices that are proven time and time again to enhance to body’s capacity to receive.

What clients said…

“My wife and I didn’t think we needed re-education in sexual intimacy in preparation for parenthood. The process, guidance and tuition Helen offered has enabled us to experience more vitality, virility and deeper connection. Helen even wrote a book with instructions and a personalised book cover! Conscious intimacy for conception is now something that I recommend to all my friends…as we are happy to announce we are 16 weeks pregnant!!” Ian and Heather