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For couples or individuals who want to:

Find the Secret to Fertility

That is Hidden Deep Within Your Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual State!

You’re about to enter the possibility of great change and growth in your life. Through this page lies the path to your conscious conception.

Available to you whether you’re a couple looking to conceive or a single woman.

Preconception is a rite of passage. And I’m ready to support you with a customised Fertility Coaching Session that:

  • Supports your body to be ready for conception.
  • Releases fears & anxiety around pregnancy and parenthood.
  • Offers you sexual empowerment for greater intimacy in your relationship—before, during and after babies.

Fertility Coaching: the what, why and how

If you’ve tried just about anything out there to get pregnant, without success then this totally customised experience may be what you’re looking for.

Because I see your pain.

  • I see and feel your desperation.
  • I hear the cries for help from couples and women who are desperate to conceive.
  • I understand the emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical torture of trying to conceive… without success.
  • I know that you ache to conceive your soul child… but despite spending thousands of dollars on IVF or other conception methods you’ve waited months, or years for your baby to manifest in your real body and you’re at a loss as to what else you can do.

Maybe you’re dreaming about a divine conception of your soul child, inviting it to drop into your womb with ease, ready to light up your life and that of the people around you…

Book me in for my free 20 minute discovery call!

Encouraging Praise

“I did the womb alignment/calling in my soul child meditation with Helen at a critical point in my IVF journey. After 10 years of trying to conceive and three failed IVF attempts, it was recommended that I move to donor eggs due to my age, 44. 

When I met Helen I felt like I was coming up against one obstacle after another, and was frustratedly going around in circles, which felt emotional and draining. I had been searching for an egg donor who was an exact mirror of myself and with whom I shared a deep soul connection. I felt I had had this connection with my first and favourite donor, Tina, but she had declined due to travel reasons. Thereafter I spent the next few months choosing other donors each of whom pulled out for one reason or another or with whom I felt I had no real connection. 

Helen told me to ‘call in’ and visualise this woman who would be my partner in the process of creating our soul baby. She told me I needed to choose with my womb, not my heart – that my womb would know who this would be. Over the next day, I visualised this wonderful woman who would become my partner in the process.

That night I had a vivid dream. I dreamed about Tina, my first and favourite egg donor. She kept resurfacing in my subsequent visualisations. I emailed the egg donor agency and asked about her again, but once again they declined as she didn’t wish to travel. But all I could see was her! Then two days later, I received an email, saying she had changed her mind and agreed to travel to the clinic to donate for me! Months and months of searching and going around in circles had been because my soul had always known that it was her. I strongly believe it was due to my calling her in to begin our process together. If this works, I will be pregnant by October of this year. Thank you Helen.”

Judy Payne, 44, Melbourne

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But first, who am I? Can you trust me?

Hi, my name is Helen Zee. I’m an Intimacy Coach, Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Alchemist for individuals and couples who want to embrace their sacred sexuality and conceive their soul child, without having to fork out in excess of $20,000 for IVF treatment.

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. I even once worked for Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate).

In addition, I’m a fitness trainer, qualified yoga teacher and nutritional coach. And I have a Bachelor of Science. The information and teachings I share are backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge.

I’m wholesome and holistic in my approach to life. I have been told that I am the “heart and presence” of what I do, because I listen and give transformational guidance and advice to people’s pain.

I’m going to show you how you can awaken the sacred fertile power within you…

And become the conscious conceiver!

Many couples don’t know this, but the reason they’re struggling to conceive, could be caused by physical, mental and emotional blocks and:

  • Relationship dynamic changes
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Fears around childhood upbringing repeating itself
  • Worthiness of being a parent
  • Sexual past playing out
  • IVF and Assisted Therapies

I help you discover these blockages, shift past limitations and gain clarity about what is possible for you.

Your session begins with a consultation that will help me understand your intention and needs in the session. Your ability to open and trust will allow me to give you the strongest support possible. If you struggle to easily open and trust, then I’m able to gently and compassionately explore this block with you in the session.

Discover the power of Tantric Bodywork and Breathwork*

After the consultation, I will take you and/or your partner through breath and movement practices to increase vitality and receptivity in your body. These practices show you deeper ways of opening into intimacy, which expands your body and harnesses the intention of creating new life.

This allows for the release of stagnant energies and unconscious ways of holding your body.

During these sessions men get to experience the art of receiving pleasure, as opposed to feeling like you are a baby-making machine.

Women get to experience how to be opened through their heart in a deeply trusting way by their partner to experience the emotionality and depth of a woman.

By magnifying your sexual energy, your lovemaking opens up to deeper sensual flow, the magic required to light up your womb and ignite your intimacy.

During the bodywork, you may experience a deep healing, recollections from the past, a heightened state of arousal or deep relaxation. The important thing is learning to trust your body in the moment, without forcing an outcome.

***NOTE: There are no sexual practices engaged within the sessions. The practitioner is fully clothed and offers one-way touch. Your homework as a couple is to engage in conscious touch, relating and sexual expression.

Call Helen for your free 20 minute discovery call letting you know about availability for sessions, prices and overall package options.

What clients said…

“My wife and I didn’t think we needed re-education in sexual intimacy in preparation for parenthood. The process, guidance and tuition Helen offered has enabled us to experience more vitality, virility and deeper connection. Helen even wrote a book with instructions and a personalised book cover! Conscious intimacy for conception is now something that I recommend to all my friends…as we are happy to announce we are 16 weeks pregnant!!”


~ IH and HH, Regional Victoria ages 35 and 37 respectively