Fertility Mentoring Program

16 weeks of facilitated inspired change


Fertility Mentoring Program

16 weeks of facilitated inspired change

There is a unique opportunity to join this program designed to support your fertility with the practice of vaginal steaming AND eating with the four phases of your cycle.

Take these months as an opportunity to cleanse your whole body, and use your menstrual flow as an indicator of your internal health.

Many doctors, gynaecologists and obstetricians do not use your menstrual blood as a marker for reproductive health. But there are many women experiencing menstrual cramps, PMS, long cycles, irregular cycles and /or reproductive issues.

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the lining builds in the first two phases, and if no pregnancy occurs, it begins to shed in the last two phases. If your uterus is not self cleansing optimally, old tissue adheres to the fold of the uterus and as this builds up month after month, it can contribute to a number of reproductive challenges.

Vaginal steaming can improve your reproductive health.

I guide you to your inner wisdom. You learn to access how the quality of your blood, the duration of your flow, and the tempo of your cycle depicts your health.

Add to this, eating for the four phases of your cycle. Your hormonal profile changes with the four main phases of your menstrual cycle. Knowing what food groups support the synthesis of hormones is imperative to aiding your success.

I invite you with heart to gather as women, and be supported on your path of motherhood. You will have direct access to the teachings I have offered for over 15 years through my private practice and through Monash IVF as a Lifestyle Trainer.

This program is unique as I gather data to support vaginal steaming for fertility. And will write a research article in the near future to prove that vaginal steaming is beneficial in improving fertility.

I have achieved success with 1:1 clients, and now desire to bring a group of women together for a mentorship program.

Outlined below is fundamentals of the program, and an invitation to apply. Applications are now open.

Your Mentoring Includes…

  • Health intake forms on intake and monthly for monitoring
  • Herbal support for 4 months** with free postage
  • Access to nine LIVE Group Calls and Q/A that is guided by me
  • Food diary
  • Eating for hormonal health success
  • Recipes for the four phases of your cycle

Your Commitment Includes…

  • Participating in FIVE preliminary calls (playback available)
  • Filling out a 3 Day Food Diary
  • Filling out Initial Health Intake Form
  • Filling out a Health Intake Progress Form (I monitor your progress)
  • Following the Vaginal Steam Protocol
  • Following the nutritional recommendations
  • Participate in the other four calls (playback available)

All inclusive for $99 per month

** If you achieve your pregnancy within the 16 weeks, you will not be charged for the remainder or the program.

There is no lock in commitment

Everything you need to awaken your fertility is within your grasp…


“I am beside myself! I struggled to conceive my first child – now I got to rewrite my experience with my body. My periods are healthier and pain free, and I managed to get pregnant with less angst!”

Katherine, 32y0

“My Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor told me I had a ‘cold uterus’. And to keep myself warm and eat warm foods. Vaginal steaming with Helen helped me to warm up from the inside. Plus I managed to rectify my short period cycle which was linked to my fertility issues. I am blessed to have an 18 month old son as a result of changing my lifestyle by incorporating a few key elements. Steaming, herbs and minimising stress were my three keys”.

Belinda, 30y0

Lets Take a Journey Together…

Lets Take a Journey Together…

Once you book, you will be asked to fill out a Health Intake Questionnaire, and a Three Day Food Diary.

We will have five WEEKLY LIVE Group Calls which will cover the following content:

  • Week One: Pre Preparation for Vaginal Steaming – The Why, The How, The When
  • Week Two: Follicular Phase – Hormonal Health, Food Groups and Recipes
  • Week Three: Ovulation Phase – Hormonal Health, Food Groups and Recipes
  • Week Four: Luteal Phase – Hormonal Health, Food Groups and Recipes
  • Week Five: Menses Phase – Hormonal Health, Food Groups, Recipes and Self Care

Then the calls will be spread out. 

  • Week Seven: Relationship Dynamics with Q/A
  • Week Ten: Oestrogen Dominance and Next Steps with Q/A
  • Week Fourteen: Soul Communication with Q/A
  • Week Sixteen: Final call and next steps

In the sessions, we discuss your overall menstrual cycle and sexual health. You will receive clear insights on how to best optimise your overall wellbeing.

Your unique protocol works to nourish and tone your yoni (sanskrit word for vag!n@), and bring fresh oxygenated blood to cleanse and enliven your womb.

This ancient sacred practice supports womb lushness, fertility, sexual vibrancy and hormonal balance.

“This information is so powerful and potent. I am sad that I learnt it at 35. I feel I could have avoided many years of infertility due to irregular periods.”

Radhika, 35yo

Everything you need to awaken your fertility is within your grasp…


“I am here to create a ripple effect – and reverse the hardships women face with fertility, sexuality and connecting with optimal health in our modern day.”

Every month we are given insights into what is happening in our body. But no one told us so. Our foremothers and teachers lost the knowledge. They lost the ability to whisper from ear to ear, womb to womb the feminine teachings.

When I meet with you, I bring you both ancient teachings and modern day knowledge, so you get to connect with yourself from the inside out.

With Fertility, Nutrition, Yoga, Fitness and Relationship qualifications and private practice experience, I offer you teachings, practices and tools to invite you into your sacred temple – your womb, your body.

I am also an Author, and Speaker with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences, and relish to share with women and men a vast toolkit of goodies and knowledge.

And I am excited and committed to keep gathering the data and creating an evidence based research paper that supports the benefits of Vaginal Steaming for Fertility.

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Everything you need to awaken your womb wisdom is within your grasp…