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Ignite Your Intimacy!

Is this you?

  • You’re frustrated by routine sex with your partner. The spice has disappeared from your bedroom and sex just feels… monotone and like a task.
  • You’re caught up in an unfulfilled, sexless marriage. As a couple you have mismatched sex drives. And it feels as if you’re the only one making advances while your partner seems to have lost interest in you. Yet, you still love each other deeply and just want to bring the magic back between the sheets.
  • Your relationship and intimacy has changed since having children.
  • Unresolved past hurts haunt your intimacy and emotions.
  • You are a man that can’t control his ejaculation (normally lasting less than 5 minutes). Or a man that cannot ejaculate willingly, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled.
  • You’re a woman who is looking to explore her femininity and sexuality with safe practices that will allow you to explore sacred tantric teachings for increased intimacy and fertility.
  • You’re a man who wants to embody his masculine essence so that you can connect deeper and experience richer relationships.

If this is you, I can help. But first…

Let’s talk about the elephant in the (bed)room…

First up, I want you to know that you’re not alone. In fact, lack of intimacy is playing out behind the closed doors of more than 27% of the population. That’s right. A survey by “Relationships Australia” revealed that the biggest contributing causes to lack of intimacy are:

  • Financial difficulties (28%)
  • Work or study demands (25%)
  • Raising children (24%)
  • Accidents and traumatic events (21%)
  • Serious illness or disabilities (20%)
  • Loss of job or employment (14%)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse (12%)
  • An affair (7%)
  • Gambling (4%)
  • Violence (4%)
  • Other (4%)

You’re certainly not alone and I’m here to help change that.

Why you want to listen to me…

Hi, my name is Helen Zee. I’m an Intimacy Coach, Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Alchemist for individuals and couples who want to embrace their sacred sexuality, find the secret to fertility and feel magnetic in life.

There’s an easier, more joyful way for you to explore…
Where love, compassion and empathy become the milestones of your journey!

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. I’ve invested time and money in educational courses and personal development to help me understand the dynamics at play, and as a result I have created teachings that will inspire you to create a path of connection, empowerment and deep satisfaction.

I was a pharmaceutical manager for 18 yrs, whilst being married, raising a young family, owning a fitness studio and working for Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate). Plus all the women who trained with me had 100% benefit in overall health (backed by the multitude of pathology tests they have done.

In addition, I’m a fitness trainer, qualified yoga teacher and nutritional coach. And I have a Bachelor of Science. 

I’m wholesome and holistic in my approach to life. I have been told that I am all “heart and presence” in what I do, because I listen and give transformational guidance and advice to people’s pain.

I understand the changing cycles of relationships through career, family upbringing, cultural pressures and societal consumerism. I have expertise in being a female and what it entails to create my own rite of passage into womanhood, women’s wisdom and the body.

The information and teachings I share are backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge.

That’s why I’d love to invite you to explore my 8-Week Ignite Your Intimacy Immersion…

The possibilities are endless…

  • Maybe you’re ready to ignite the intimacy with wife, husband or self.
  • Maybe you want to strengthen the emotional and spiritual bonds in your life, for increased connection and deeper bliss.
  • Maybe you want more touch, romance and spice in the bedroom…
  • Maybe you want greater intimacy, inner knowing and spiritual sexuality.

Whatever your reason, if that’s you, we can work together to make it a possibility!



What’s Inside the 8-Week Ignite Your Intimacy Immersion?

This fully customised program gives you the tools, support and nurturing you need to embody your sacred sexuality, whether you’re single or in a dedicated relationship.

You get:

3 x 2-Hour Tantric Bodywork & Breathwork Sessions*** with me: these private sessions with me take place during week 1, week 3 and week 5 of the program.

  • Session #1: Clearing Your Sexual Path is all about…. reflecting the relationship with your sexual upbringing and experience. Our parents, society and past relationships have left impressions on us. And some are played out in unhealthy ways.
  • Session #2: Magnetism, Sex and Intimacy helps you dive deep into the sacred practice of sexual healing and increase the magnetism of your feminine or masculine.
  • Session #3: Breath and Energy Orgasm focuses on the key to awakening the ecstatic response within yourself, which is the art of relaxing in high states of arousal. Learn how to generate excitement, contain it and relax into it. All by yourself 🙂

3 x Post Bodywork Session Support Calls: each call lasts 40 minutes and will be done within a week of a bodywork session.

Access to Teaching Modules and Homeplay Activities: to help you cultivate your embodied energy in between our 1:1 sessions—to sizzle, to be confident and to feel more alive. (Delivered via email with supporting PDFs, meditations, contemplations and workbooks).

Your Investment…

Happiness, Empowerment and Choices

Enrollment in this 8-Week Ignite Your Intimacy Immersion is via application only to help me assure that this is right for us. Please click the button below now to schedule your call with me where I’ll happily answer your questions.


When you book your appointment, and we have the actual discovery call you’ll receive a bonus 30% off any of my other workshop offerings.

*** This is a Melbourne based offering.

  • If you’re scared…
  • If you’re worried…
  • If you’re a little self conscious or insecure right now…

Know this…

I guarantee to always provide a safe and sacred space…
For you to journey through the challenges or celebrations you’re experiencing in your life.

Each of my sessions of the 8-Week Ignite Your Intimacy Immersion are held in deep respect of the experiences that are unique to YOU.

As a Tantric practitioner I hold heartfelt intention to focus on your body to promote your physical, emotional mental and spiritual well being.

My bodywork sessions allow for a deeper understanding of what you have stored as muscular emotional memory from past grievances. The session can cover and help unlock any suppression, childhood issues, past relationship grievances and major traumatic events like sexual abuse, physical abuse, experience of natural disasters and those struggling with sexual dysfunction.

I’m dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space where these stored emotions can be felt and processed. My clients often feel a sense of relief, clarity and freedom after a private tantric session.

When you work with me you can also experience:

  • Freedom in your body and mind.
  • An expanded heart.
  • Embodiment of self-love.
  • Lightness in your body.
  • Decrease in anxiety and mind chatter.
  • Free expression of your emotions.
  • More love and depth in lovemaking.
  • Sense of rejuvenation and revitalisation.
  • Desire to create with clarity and purpose.
  • Embodiment of healthy sexuality.
  • An ease or elimination of sexual dysfunction and ailments like vaginismus, vulvodynia (Women) premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (Men).
  • Connection to your feminine essence and sexual polarity (Women).
  • Connection to your masculine essence and sexual polarity (Men).

What clients said about my work…

“I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for opening up this path for me. For setting me off on what I feel is going to be the most transformational journey of my life. I can’t really convey my feelings with words. What you did for me, was so beautiful, so kind. An old part of me felt like I didn’t deserve it, but you made me feel like I did. You gave me such an incredible gift. You showed me a whole new experience of touch, of love and of support. You made me feel like I was worthy.”
~ Emma Kitchen, 32, UK

“My partner and I felt totally supported and guided to share deeper with one another and trust we were heard and understood. Helen’s caring nature and integrity made it easy to discuss our intimacy concerns and work on them to create changes within ourselves. Her notes and guidance has allowed us to incorporate a beautiful home practice where we have benefited”
~ CG and HA, Victoria

“I feel my fullness as a woman. My history regarding my sexuality has needed to be retaught. I am glad to have been taught in an integral real way what is like to live my sexuality in a guilt free way. My confidence has improved and I am able to trust myself for the first time. That is freedom for me! ( leading me to revive my relationship with my partner and daughter)”
~ Helen 38


I can’t wait to show you a new way to creating more intimacy in your life, with intent, pleasure and fun.


Helen xo


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a tantric bodywork session?

I’m glad you ask. Let me explain how these sessions work to give you peace of mind, knowing what to expect.

Each session begins with a consultation that will help me understand your intention and needs for that session. Your ability to open and trust will allow me to give you the strongest support possible. So if you have concerns about that, please mention this when we talk. Know this, if you struggle to easily open and trust, then I’m able to gently and compassionately explore this block with you in the session.

I work intuitively and follow your body’s priorities at all times. We work with an intent to release, restore and enliven your body, mind and soul into its natural expanded state of bliss.

After the consultation, I will guide you through the tantric bodywork and breathwork session. This is a grounding touch meditation, during which I will place my hands on various areas of your body so that you feel encouraged, connected and supported. * Note: these sessions incorporate no sexual practices or any kind. The practitioner is fully clothed and offers one way touch.

During these sessions we’ll:

  • Release stagnant energies and unconscious behaviours from your body.
  • Open the body’s energetic channels, allowing sacred wisdom to flow to you.
  • Invite more energy in your body to flow freely, especially to where it’s needed for an energetic release.

And that’s just a start.

During the tantric bodywork session, you may also experience:

  • A deep healing;
  • Recollections from the past;
  • A heightened state of arousal; or
  • Deep relaxation.

Everyone’s experience is unique. I’m confident to guide you through whatever may arise. All tantric bodywork sessions come with a follow up phone call and take home practices to continue your opening and self-inquiry.

What Happens during a Couple’s Session?

Couples sessions begin with a consultation. We’ll listen to each partner about the session priorities how you would like to utilise this session to help with bonding, connecting and intimacy.

We follow this immediately with a tantric breathing and touch practice. And last but not least, we move into the bodywork session to help you see and feel new ways of opening up to each other.

I’m not sure I can afford this?

Let me ask you this: what is the real cost to your relationship when you’re not solving your intimacy issues?
People split off and do countless courses, online offers, books and yet, they don’t get the embodied experience their soul desires to create the change needed. This is about feeling your experiences deeply in tailored sessions – not rubber-stamped courses where you don’t get to feel, act, respond and understand in the moment.

I don’t live in or near Melbourne, can I still apply for this program?

Maybe. The tantric bodywork and breathwork sessions are facilitated from my office in Melbourne. Due to the nature and style of these sessions they cannot be facilitated online. However, you’re welcome to fly in and stay in a nearby hotel if you want to join from interstate (or overseas). We can discuss this in more detail during our application call if you like.