There is a hidden aspect of infertility that goes untreated.

All too often when I’m working with women and couples they come to me with the same story. They have tried everything and their hope of becoming pregnant is beginning to fade. Their optimism and anticipation have slowly turned to anxiety, frustration, and fear of failure.

When I ask them to walk me through the fertility practices they have tried, the list is always long. Most have tried better nutrition and dietary changes. The majority has also tried exercise programs and herbal therapies as well. Nearly all of them have undergone countless rounds of IVF…to no avail.

Another thing they almost all tell me? They feel deeply that something is missing.


When the journey towards conception begins to take up more and more space in a couple’s life, the relationship can become overly focused on the ultimate outcome of having a baby.

Sounds familiar?

Many couples are living in a kind of limbo in which they are so desperately focused on the future—and their hopes and fears about what it may have in store—that they forget about the present almost entirely.

The present moment is filled with demands, and sex has been reduced to a chore, including tracking, counting, temperature taking, and timed lovemaking.

Over time, this can erode the loving foundation on which you have built your relationship.

It is normal for the “honeymoon period” of a relationship to naturally come to an end, but what should rise up in its place is a deeper form of connection—one with a depth so powerful you might not have even been able to imagine in the beginning phase of your relationship.

At the center of this deep connection is a magnetism that is rarely explored in the world of fertility but absolutely fundamental to solving issues with infertility.

Sex becomes lovemaking again.

Intimacy is beyond sex – but a cared for essence exclusive to you both.

And your bodies are attracted to each other naturally, with an enhanced quality that sparks newness.


Masculine and Feminine Polarity

Magnetism is a fascinating and convoluted subject, which incorporates elements of atomic charges, quantum physics, and the nature of matter itself. However, for a simple illustration of magnetism, you need look no further than your refrigerator!

Imagine two magnets, like the ones you likely have on your refrigerator door. All magnets contain both positive and negative energy. They are complete in and of themselves. However, when you place two magnets near one another, their mutually attractive magnetic fields draw them closer together.

Masculine and feminine polarity is much the same. Many people refer to masculine and feminine energies as yin and yang. We are drawn together because we are different. We complete one another. But at the same time, we remain complete in ourselves. We each hold two complementary energies inside ourselves.

These energies cannot exist in separation, as they are like two sides of the same coin. In fact, they are the same energy, but simply with a different charge. They move and flow constantly in order to maintain balance, equilibrium.


Practices to Increase Magnetism (And Fertility!)

The penis has a strong positive charge, and the yoni (vulva, vagina, and uterus) has a strong negative charge. Therefore, they are drawn together as two magnets with complementary charges.

During lovemaking, this magnetism can be amplified through authentic communication and connection with your partner. We will now explore some simple ways you can heighten your sexual magnetism and spark that moment of conception.

One essential technique is to try different sexual positions to see how they impact the energy flow and exchange between you. This has roots in Taoist texts, which demonstrate the importance of magnetic energy flow based on different positions.

Remember that lovemaking is an art; it is like a dance that you are creating together spontaneously. The magnetic energy flowing between the two of you creates waves of stimulation and harmony.

When you are experimenting with different sexual positions at home, there are two important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Placing like to like together allows for relaxation and harmony: belly to belly, hand to hand, mouth to mouth, open eyes to open eyes.
  2. Placing polarized body parts together generates stimulation and excitation: mouth to genitals, genitals to anus, open eyes to closed eyes.

Most couples deeply desire more intense and satisfying connection during lovemaking. Many will look outside of their partnership to find what they seek. They feel that something is missing, so look for stimulation through pornography, toys, and other means.

Or, resign to the fact that this is good as it gets. And this is untrue!

The spark that is missing is already within us!

When you treat you partner as the magnificent person he or she is, you can amplify this powerful energetic force between you.

When you experience each other as creators of new life ‘waiting in the wings’ you tap into the the power of magnetism and light a fire of passion between you, opening up new possibilities for conception.

It is the potent energy of magnetism that sparks new life and distinguishes one extraordinary moment of lovemaking as the moment of conception.