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I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. Through educational courses and personal development, I have created teachings that will inspire you to create a path of connection, empowerment and deep satisfaction.

I guarantee to provide a safe and sacred space to journey the challenges or celebrations you are experiencing in your life. The sessions I conduct are held in deep respect of the experiences that are unique to YOU.


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Relationship Coach, Fertility Mentor and Tantric Alchemist

You are one complimentary call away from discovering the ultimate path to your desired life

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“Your intuition and knowledge is INCREDIBLE! You are on point each and every time and are truly making a huge difference in my/our lives – I have been seeking answers and understanding for so long, it brings great joy and relief that I am the way I am and why I have done the things I have done in order to grow and evolve into the person I truly am. Thank you from deep within my soul.”

Rosie Fritsch, 33, Baxter

“I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for opening up this path for me. For setting me off on what I feel is going to be the most transformational journey of my life. I can’t really convey my feelings with words. What you did for me, was so beautiful, so kind. An old part of me felt like I didn’t deserve it, but you made me feel like I did. You gave me such an incredible gift. You showed me a whole new experience of touch, of love and of support. You made me feel like I was worthy.”

Emma Kitchen, 30’s UK

“Helen is calm and encouraging. Her gentleness facilitated my relaxed entry into what for me was totally unknown. In truth, I was so fully immersed into a deep meditative spaces that my cares at that time were totally forgotten. I left the session feeling happy and at peace.”

James 55

“Helen brings her deep wisdom, intuition and compassion to the healing space and works with total integrity. I feel held unconditionally by her in sessions allowing me to trust and surrender completely in my process.”

N.G. Hawthorn East

“My partner and I felt totally supported and guided to share deeper with one another and trust we were heard and understood. Helen’s caring nature and integrity made it easy to discuss our intimacy concerns and work on them to create changes within ourselves. Her notes and guidance has allowed us to incorporate a beautiful home practice where we have benefited.”

CG and HA, Victoria

“I feel my fullness as a woman. My history regarding my sexuality has needed to be retaught. I am glad to have been taught in an integral real way what is like to live my sexuality in a guilt free way. My confidence has improved and I am able to trust myself for the first time. That is freedom for me! ( leading me to revive my relationship with my partner and daughter)”

Helen 38

“You are a natural at creating a space where I feel totally safe in sharing everything that I am feeling at the time. And the way you relate our talking time to deeper aspects of myself and my patterning in life has been the pieces of the puzzles I have been searching for. Your female presence is pure and beautiful. Thank you!”

Marc 42 North Queensland

“My wife and I didn’t think we needed re-education in sexual intimacy in preparation for parenthood. The process, guidance and tuition Helen offered has enabled us to experience more vitality, virility and deeper connection. Helen even wrote a book with instructions and a personalised book cover! Conscious intimacy for conception is now something that I recommend to all my friends…as we are happy to announce we are 16 weeks pregnant!!”

IH and HH, Regional Victoria ages 35 and 37 respectively

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You are one complimentary call away from discovering the ultimate path to your desired life