Synergy Fertility Retreat2024-06-25T18:44:43+10:00 Fertility-Retreat-With-Helen-Zee

We’ve taken the guesswork out of fertility health… 

This retreat is created for women and couples who wish to rejuvenate with all the elements that create optimal fertility success. From nutrition, the best fitness routines, to keeping positive when things go astray, to the keys of intimacy that unlocks your fertility power – it is all here waiting for you. Immerse in a luxurious bushland setting and ReJuvenate, ReStore and RePlenish yourself, and unite the sacred spiritual experience of conception which is as significant as the miracle of birth.

Spirituality ~ Sexuality ~ Physicality ~ Mentality and Emotionality are all synergistic and work together to create a wholesome empowering experience.

So you get to trust your body to do what it is divinely designed to do, and you get to hold your baby and create the memories that your soul desires.

PLUS to support your further at home, there is one month support included post retreat.

This retreat is suitable for:

  • Women in their fertile years who wish to prepare their body and health for getting pregnant. Unite all aspects of your mind body spirit and feel empowered in your journey.

  • Couples wanting to improve their health as part of a preconception plan. Male health plays a crucial role in fertility success. Let’s do this together and minimise unnecessary angst.

  • Women wishing for subsequent pregnancies and healthy outcomes. Secondary infertility, or wishing to rewrite your birth story because you know there’s another way.

  • Women with predisposed health conditions where their medical health professional has recommended diet and lifestyle change for getting pregnant. 

  • Women preparing to freeze their eggs and want to optimise their outcomes. Preconception planning for healthy eggs is recommended. When you unite your embryo with your body in the future, lets have you as healthy as possible.



Thursday August 8th till Sunday August 11th

 The 6 key areas of a healthy lifestyle are addressed with evidence based approaches: Nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, intimacy, holistic and menstrual health/sperm health all influence the chances of pregnancy for both women and men. View the full itinerary below.

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Your Accommodation

Amarant is an architectural treasure perched on Mt Ben Cairn, amidst 25 acres of pristine rainforest in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Built to feel like a treehouse, it takes advantage of the panoramic views down the valley while being at one with nature. Relax in comfort and privacy with generous facilities for up to 16 guests. Enjoy the secluded forest with many walking paths, gardens, abundant wildlife, picnic areas and a natural water spring. Room configurations can sleep min 2, max 4 people.

The Retreat Includes…

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Post Retreat Support

When we undergo powerful theory and practices in retreat spaces, we can be left feeling empty afterwards. The highs of the time away can be supported and integrated into daily life. This is what creates sustainable change. A sense of ongoing support in what comes up, and what needs to be.

For women who come on their own, your partners have an opportunity to join the group – as their support is paramount to the overall success of the program continuing post retreat. 



Thursday August 8th till Sunday August 11th

Select Payment Plan at checkout to only pay a deposit to secure one of these limited spots today! fertility-retreat-bio-pix-691x800  Meet Your Host & Mentor

Hi, I am Helen Zee,

Your fertility and relationship educator, author, and menstrual health practitioner.

Welcome, I support individuals and couples who want to conceive their soul baby, though a sacred act and rite of passage in the quickest way possible, even when IVF/ART is being used.

In short, I love helping people create their families.

I combine science, whole-body health, menstrual health, relationships, and energetics to tune into your soul baby.

Embarking on a fertility journey can be challenging both physically and emotionally. From my personal experiences, my time working at the IVF clinic and having two children of my own, I’ve seen first-hand that the holistic approach to the mind-body-spirit connection of conception is missing.

As a result, my passion is to help turn struggles into majestic parenthood!

And enjoy the path to parenthood.

I also piloted the Monash IVF lifestyle program, with high success rates resulting in pregnancy and authored the book ‘Consciously Conceive Your Baby: The Inner Secrets to Boosting Your Fertility and Getting Pregnant’.

In addition, I’m a fitness trainer, qualified yoga teacher and nutritional coach. I have a Bachelor of Science, which forms the foundations for my teachings. Everything I teach is backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge.

Finally, I’m a mother to two beautiful children, and it’s my passion to help you embark on this journey too. nora-professional-photo-532x800  Meet Your Host & Mentor

Nora Elsheikh- Henderson 

Ba Sci |Exercise|Nutrition|Yoga Therapy|Massage

Female Reproductive Specialist |Massage, Yoga & Mindset Coaching

Hello beautiful souls,
I’m Nora the owner of Melbourne Fertility Wellness, a boutique Fertility and Massage studio in Melbourne. I’m a devoted reproductive therapist here to guide you on the journey of motherhood. Since conceiving and birthing my two children in my 40’s, I have had the calling to specialise in fertility.
Through my years of experience as a Fertility Therapist, Pelvic Hydrotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Exercise Therapist and Mindset Coach, I have had the honour of  helping hundreds of women Australia wide to connect to their womb, conceive successfully and embrace the journey of birth.
My passion is to empower women and couples to believe that they are capable and worthy of their spirit baby, the child that they are meant to have. To empower you to feel your intuition, trust your inner self and your body and to manifest your deepest desires for parenthood.


Client Testimonial from Cat and Doug, Melbourne Australia brothers-and-sister--250x250

“Both Doug and I were fortunate to have a liberating second pregnancy and stronger relationship. Without hospitalisation. Without IVF. Without caesarean and feeling more healthy. We worked with Helen for five months before we conceived. Our first pregnancy took four years and copious amounts of IVF. We managed to feel empowered, close and the natural way of conceiving. And we got to enjoy each other so much more in creating little Zoe, brother for Luke.”


Client Testimonial from Kirstin Green, 27 Kentucky USA

“Before meeting you I was blindly fighting my way through sadness, anger, PCOS and fear of infertility. I was desperate to get pregnant and I was overwhelmed, questioning to the point of what food to put in my mouth. But your knowledge, encouragement and infectious sense of peace, I became to see my PCOS diagnosis as a journey where the destination would be so much sweeter than what I could have imagined. The calmness meant my husband was more relaxed around me and we were able to enjoy the intimacy to parenthood again. And that was a relief!” kirstin-green-and-amelia-250x250

Retreat Itinerary

Day 1

2.00pm Check in and settle in

4.00pm Welcome to Country

5.00pm Opening circle – Pre conception as a Rite of Passage

6.30pm Dinner

8.00pm Mindfulness Meditation 

Day 2

7.00 am Morning practice

8.30am Breakfast

10.00-1.00pm Nutrition and Fitness principles, meal prep hacks and training safely when on IVF/two week wait period

1.00pm Lunch + Free time for massages* (additional cost), rest, journaling, mindfulness activities

3.30pm Core child developmental needs in the first 5 years and preparing for parenting

4.30pm Forest Bathing Sunset Walk

6.00pm Dinner

7.30-9pm Restorative Yoga

Day 3

7.00 am Morning practice

8.30am Breakfast

10.00-12.00 Relationships and Intimacy Part 1

12.00pm Free time/practices

1.00pm Lunch + Free time for massages (additional cost), rest, journaling, mindfulness activities

4.00pm Relationship and Intimacy Part 2

6.00pm Dinner

7.30-9pm Sound Healing and Breathwork

Day 4

7.00 am Morning practice

8.30am Breakfast

10.00-12noon Self Womb Massage, Self Acupressure and Home Integration

12.00pm Lunch and massages 

2.30pm Closing circle 



Thursday August 8th till Sunday August 11th

 The 6 key areas of a healthy lifestyle are addressed with evidence based approaches: Nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, intimacy, holistic and menstrual health/sperm health all influence the chances of pregnancy for both women and men.

Select Payment Plan at checkout to only pay a deposit to secure one of these limited spots today! Nora

“I liken IVF to gambling, it’s like pouring money into a machine with no guarantee you will ever win while it slowly takes an agonising toll on you. I realised at 43, I had less than a 3% chance of having a baby. It was time for a change in tack. I met Helen who opened my eyes to how the subconscious can affect fertility, and how the physical, mental, and spiritual realms work in unison. I realised that I had been focusing on only half the equation with IVF. My hope began to return. Helen took me through a number of processes to help heal the blockages that had been built up over the years. During a womb alignment process, I was finally able to fully grieve the loss of a past pregnancy. I made peace with past partners and connected with my spirit babies. 

By the third and final cycle, I was on 14 different medications, but I had surrendered fully to the process. I remember the day so clearly when the nurse called me…finally pregnant at 45 to twins!! I experienced the joy reserved for motherhood”.

Client Testimonial from, Judy Payne, 45yo Melbourne, Australia Thi-and-Angeline-Xmas

“Helen is amazing and so passionate in helping people to have their dream child. After losing my first baby at 20 weeks due to incompetent cervix in December 2019, I was so devastated. It was my first pregnancy after 7 years of IVF. A year later, my natural healer recommended me to read the book “Consciously conceive your baby” written by Helen Zee. After that, my husband and I contacted Helen and we had a 2 day private session with her on December 2020. I got pregnant 3 months after. Our daughter is one year old. Thanks Helen, for being an important part of my journey into motherhood. We are forever grateful for your guidance, caring and love.”

Client Testimonial from, Kieu Ngyuen




What if I get pregnant before the retreat?2024-06-19T11:41:41+10:00

You will be refunded fully up till the week before the retreat starts. And 50% of the week of the retreat. I offer pregnancy and postpartum support and you can choose to have part of your costs credited to these services if you choose, and the rest refunded to you.

What sort of food will be served?2024-06-19T11:43:37+10:00

Synergy Fertility Retreats has outstanding, freshly prepared food. For this retreat, we have both a plant and animal based menu. All food has been selected with fertility nutritional recommendations as published by Nutrition Australia, to give you a taste of how amazing your body can feel when you eat the right amounts and foods. There is also an educational seminar on food for fertility. 

What does the post retreat support include?2024-06-19T11:49:56+10:00

Integration post retreat is important. People can go through big shifts and gather the information that’s needed to make sustainable changes. But we want to avoid what I call “shelf development”. I created the post retreat support group do you can keep on track, be inspired to ask questions and the support you need thats unique to you. One month support is included.

Support is in the form of fortnightly support in a group setting. And 1:1 support via email.

How do I get from the airport to the Don Valley?2024-06-12T15:51:24+10:00

The most convenient option is to rent a car and drive yourself. An affordable option is to take the Sky Bus to Southern Cross Station and then a train to Lilydale Station. You can uber/taxi from there, or I can organise a carpool option with other travellers at an additional cost of $30 per person. 

Do I need to participate in all of the activities listed on the itinerary?2024-06-12T15:51:41+10:00

While you are not required to participate in all of the activities, we do encourage you to do so in order to get the most out of your time there. There is downtime built into each day so that you can have time for yourself.

What are the benefits of a fertility massage? And can my partner access a massage too?2024-06-24T21:40:34+10:00

Definitely. Please take the time to read the following:

Fertility massages are known to be highly beneficial for reproductive health. When reproductive organs shift out of proper position, they can constrict normal flow of blood, lymph and nerve connections. When working with women, we can gently help shift the uterus back into place to support natural flow. Homeostasis (or the natural internal balance of the body) is brought back to the pelvic area and surrounding organs. Toxins are flushed, nutrients are flowing and hormones are balanced. This is essential for conception.

There is also male fertility massages available which will be carried out by Nora.

Both Nora and Helen will cary out female fertility massages.

Massages are at an additional cost and can be paid for as an optional extra in the check out cart.

You can choose to have your massage post retreat at either Thornbury with Nora, or Ferny Creek with Helen. For interstate and overseas guests, you will have your massage within the retreat time. 

What should I pack for this Retreat?2024-06-12T15:52:37+10:00

We suggest you dress for comfort. We’ll be on the property during the Retreat so there won’t be any fancy dinners to get dressed up for. It is winter so warm clothes are recommended for outdoors. We’ll have daily yoga or fitness classes so come prepared with comfortable clothes to work out in. Bring runners/hiking boots as you’ll want to walk the lovely property during the day and bring a jacket so you can sit out at night by the fire pit to enjoy the stars. Only slippers/socks allowed indoors. 

The retreat supplies good quality toiletries if you want to leave yours at home.

Can I bring my partner? Can I come on my own?2024-06-24T21:50:33+10:00

Yes. And yes! We want to be inclusive as much as we can. Fertility and the creation of a precious human requires both a male and female reproductive system (I know it sounds clinical!) The health of the egg and sperm is paramount to creating a healthy baby. You are passing on your epigenetic genome of health as a life gift. 

We also know that of all infertility cases, approximately 40–50% is due to “male factor” infertility, yet 100% of the treatment is female centric when assisted reproductive therapies and IVF is involved. 

We encourage your partners to come. The program supports human reproductive health and habits. 

If you want to come on your own as a woman, you are welcome. We work with and support women on the solo journey to parenthood. It is something both Nora and I are passionate about. 


If you have any further questions about the retreat, please do reach out to me here. Helen-Zee-Signature-Logo-75