There are many ailments that a woman may face when trying to become pregnant. Your fertility health is key when you are trying to conceive and must remain a top priority. Doctors and medical interventions such as IVF can be immensely helpful in assuring your reproductive health, but something that is frequently overlooked is the health of the menstrual blood.

The health and quality of the menstrual blood can actually tell you a lot about a woman’s uterine health. So women looking to conceive should not overlook this important indicator of vitality and wellbeing.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the steps of assessing your own menstrual blood so that you can determine the health of your uterus—the future home of your unborn child. Next, we will explore some practical solutions for addressing any concerns you may have about your menstrual health, including an introduction to vaginal steams, which can improve your health and help you to get more in touch with your body.

How Healthy is Your Uterus?

Before we begin exploring vaginal steaming in more detail, let’s look in more depth at where you are currently at concerning your reproductive health. Below is a short questionnaire that can help you to evaluate your current menstrual health and identify any pressing issues you are facing.

Take the time to consider each question carefully and answer the questionnaire completely. It might be helpful to write down your answers in preparation for the next step.

Questionnaire to Evaluate Your Menstrual Health:

  • Do you have brown/dark blood or clots when you first start to bleed? At the end of your bleed?
  • Do you have a short cycle (shorter than 27 days)?
  • Do you have a long cycle (longer than 30 days)?
  • Do you experience pain and cramping during your menstrual period or during ovulation?
  • Do you notice that your blood is watery, pink, or prone to other types of deficiencies?
  • Do you experience large clots?
  • Do you suffer from fibroids or endometriosis?
  • Do you experience reoccurring infections during or between your menstrual periods?
  • Do you have any other concerns about your menstrual cycle?

Now that you have completed the questionnaire, we will evaluate how vaginal steaming can help you to deal with many of these symptoms of poor uterine health, not to mention maintain positive health benefits, including increased fertility.

The Benefits of Vaginal Steams

Vaginal steams, sometimes known as Yoni Steams, have been used for hundreds of years, and they are making a comeback in our modern world as more and more women recognize the benefits they can provide. They are an affordable and effective means of achieving immediate results, as well as long-term benefits.

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Reduced PMS symptoms
  • Reduced pain during the menstrual period
  • Reduced breast soreness
  • Reduced abdominal bloating
  • Reduced swelling in legs/feet
  • Fewer headaches
  • Increased energy
  • Increased libido
  • Increased lubrication vaginal-steam2.2-800x534

A typical yoni steam set up

Vaginal Steaming 101

As a certified practitioner who has coached many women through their first vaginal steams, I can help you to have a positive first experience with this ancient practice.

The basic idea is that water is boiled and special herbs are added, which can be purchased online. Once the herbs have steeped (like a cup of tea) for about ten minutes, you will carefully position your body over the pot so that the steam can rise up the vaginal canal. A vaginal steam sauna, a special seat with a hole especially for steaming, can be helpful in achieving the correct position in comfort.

An average steam should last approximately 30 minutes, but if your cycle is short (27 days or fewer) or you experience hot flashes, infections, or intermittent bleeding, you should limit your session to 10-15 minutes. Longer steams can also be utilized for advanced issues, but this should be undertaken with the advice of a certified steaming coach.

You may wonder what herbs to use in a steam. There is plenty of information online, and I encourage you to use your discernment. If you have a specific ailment or condition that needs attention, I encourage you to consult a Yoni Steam Practitioner. Based on your answers to the questions above, your practitioner can help to determine the protocol that is right for you!

In my practice, this protocol includes three key areas of consideration:

  1. The ideal herb formula that will provide the most benefits
  2. The best days of your cycle to steam (normally three consecutive days)
  3. The length of the steam, and how many consecutive months to steam

During the steam, I encourage you to take this time as an opportunity to connect deeper with your body, your womb, and your fertility. Set aside your racing thoughts and to do lists. Recommended activities that can help you to connect with your feminine center during steams include meditation, journaling, or doing breathing exercises. herbs-1913472_1280

Dried or fresh herbs and flowers is used

When not to use Vagina Steams (Contraindications)

  • If you have a fever or infection
  • When you are pregnant
  • When you are menstruating
  • After a caesarean birth (wait for 6 weeks or until you feel ready)
  • Also don’t use essential oils in the steam as these are too strong
  • Anytime it doesn’t feel right for you

If you have any questions or need guidance to get started, please visit my website to learn more about my online Womb Alignment Coaching Program, where you can receive personalized attention that addressed your specific needs.

The consult fee includes your FIRST MONTH HERBS.

Please reach out to me today, and I can help you get started on your journey to a stronger, healthier uterus! And overall vitality!