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Alchemist, Scientist with all heart and presence

Mastering relationships and intimacy is not something we are born with. Its a path we learn and grow from.

And our parents were our first teachers! OUCH for many of you reading this

Embracing and knowing our sexuality is a precious and soulful way to live. Whether you are in relationship or not. It is at the core of our creation.

Our zest for life between the sheets can carry over into our daily life – and vice versa

Nothing needs to feel separate.

I know first hand what living life separately from what I truly desire and how I presented myself out to the world. My family upbringing in a Greek migrant family taught me to keep my sensuality under wraps. Not to be experienced until marriage and even then life was about creating a family and a home.

But there was a divide. Luckily there was a knock on the door of my soul provoking me to explore something grander.

The exploration and the merging of sexuality and spirituality

That’s where I know how to help you. I can guide you to:

  • Turn frustrating unsatisfying sex and relationships into a powerful creator of your life

  • Release limitations around sexual expression and disempowered communication

  • Create confident connected relationships in all areas of your life

Everything you need to awaken your sacred sensual self is within your grasp

Let me show you how.


Hi, I’m Helen Zee. 

I am a relationship and fertility coach for women and men who wish to enhance their relationship to life and with their partners.

I help women and men create satisfying lives by revolutionising your approach to sex, intimacy and fertility.

From 6 inch stilettos to barefoot with healing hands all heart and presence

Before I took the teachings of Tantra and healing arts to help my fertility clients I was a manager in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years, ran a fitness business, had a marriage and raised a young family…and discovered myself along the way!

The healing arts and tantra has helped me discover a deeper way of living. I live my life and relationships from a tantric approach. Authenticity, awareness acceptance and I encourage others to do the same.

I raised my teenagers with a greater awareness on healthy sexuality, formed a new relationship and uncovered the saboteur in me – this has been profoundly liberating.

As an intimacy coach I help couples and singles release limitations of sexual expression and disempowered communication into more supportive connected and confident relationships.

Everything you need to awaken your sacred sexual self is within your grasp.

You are one complimentary call away from discovering the ultimate path to your desired life

  • Bring techniques and balance to your intimacy

  • Open energetic pathways of your masculine and feminine self

  • Learn sacred sexuality for fertility

  • Reparent your sexual upbringing imprint into a way you desire to live your life



Helen Zee is passionate about creating a future world of conscious relationships and parenting by firstly exploring intimacy of thyself. As a Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Intimacy Coach she helps open the pathway of higher expression of our truest nature. Supporting the emergence of satisfying relationships, optimising lifestyle and using conscious conception for optimising fertility. Helen challenges the status quo of “stuckness and stagnation” to create newness and flow. 

Helen engages with couples and singles, and welcomes invitations from private and the public health sector. People call her “all heart and presence”. She has an innate ability to listen beyond the primary layers and offer insights into behavioural change. Helen offering includes workshops, private consulting, retreats and welcomes speaking opportunities on sexuality and conscious fertility.

Helen is an author, blogger and support facilitates retreats with one of the leading tantra movements in Australia


  • Bachelor of Science Degree- LaTrobe University 1991
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Tantric Alchemist with Tantric Blossoming
  • Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Neuro Linguistic Program scholarship
  • Centrality Health Consultant
  • Nutritional Coach

You are one complimentary call away from discovering the ultimate path to your desired life