Dial Up Your Vibrational Alignment & Call In Your Soul Child…

With a Womb Alignment Session!

Available face to face in Melbourne


Via a personal online guided meditation

This is for you if you’re a woman who is open to:

  • Learn how you can adjust your body mind and womb to welcome new life.
  • Open up to a greater sense of awareness, tuning and alignment that holds the spiritual frequencies necessary for a divine conception.
  • Receiving a powerful, yet soothing meditation (in person or online) to help you understand and tune in to your body’s own wisdom and DNA that already knows how to conceive naturally.
  • Grief counselling from past miscarriages and terminations to help come to terms with your experience.

This 1-Hour Womb Alignment Session is a communication with your soul, tapping into intuition and guided visualisations beneficial for balancing the body towards conception.

Experience what it feels like to:

  • Let go of the worry and uncertainty that maybe costing you sleepless nights and may threaten your relationship sanity.
  • Being able to tap into a source energy you didn’t know you had that is all around you.
  • Come into complete alignment with the steps needed to create a child.
  • Reconcile past hurts and experiences that may have left you feeling unworthy.
  • Allow your spirit to soar and consciously create the right environment, circumstances and state of being to conceive your soul child.


Helen is compassionate and intuitive in bringing up the part of self that was buried and causing havoc. She helped me see where my doubts took over, and where the spirit of creation truly lives. I am so grateful! ~ Lydia

Helen helped me connect more deeply with myself and body through thorough, educational and empowering information that I did not know about my moon cycle as well as loving and nourishing embodiment practices that help to integrate all the senses during each season. This was a wealth of knowledge and experience. Helen holds such an incredible and sacred space for women and answers all questions with great wisdom and grace. I am very grateful to have had this experience with her. ~ Jále

You bring sacredness and heart to what you do. I felt incredible tingles in my body and a deep knowing and trust that my pregnancy will eventuate. I got to see him, and I know what needs to happen for him to arrive. I am eternally grateful. ~ Judy

I had no idea a termination in my early 20’s was casting a shadow on my fertility journey in my early 40’s. I felt a huge HUGE burden leave me. Helen helped me tap into my worthiness and make peace with my past decision. You are a gift! And a baby whisperer. ~ Amanda

Don’t hesitate to have a session –  I have been ttc for 8 years now. Helen fit me in immediately after my last miscarriage and she held the light for me. I grieved my loss and felt aligned in the session. Two months later, I was pregnant with the successful birth of my twin girls. ~ Christina



Want to Learn More First?

If you’d like to learn more about the art, science and wisdom behind how I work to support you, you can read my new book Consciously Conceive Your Baby that shares in depth about the Inner Secrets to Boosting Your Fertility and Getting Pregnant. I look forward to recieving your questions and helping you find the answers that really work for you! With love, HelenZee.com helen-signature-1

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