Egg Health and Maturation

Understanding you sexual health as a woman can lead to insights and choices about how to help improve the quality of egg maturation. This fact sheet has been designed to give you a quick guide into egg health. You can work with me directly, as a Fertility Practitioner for personalised attention on how to improve your overall health. 

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Maturation of eggs process

It is released in a rhythmic fashion every 60-120 minutes. GnRH stimulates (causes) the pituitary gland to produce follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), the hormone responsible for starting follicle (egg) development and causing the level of estrogen (the primary female hormone) to rise.

What is oogenesis in humans?

Oogenesis is the process by which the female gametes, or ova, are created. The female gamete is called an ovum. Sometimes people will refer to female gametes as eggs, but the term egg can include more than one stage of development, and the definition of an egg also changes depending on the type of organism.

How many eggs are in the ovaries?

Remember, women are born with all the eggs they are ever going to have, and they don’t make any new eggs during their lifetime. Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries, but about eleven thousand of them die every month prior to puberty.

What is ovarian reserve?

Ovarian reserve is a term that is used to determine the capacity of the ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilization resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy.

What is a good AMH level for IVF?

AMH is secreted by cells in a woman’s growing follicles. (Men produce a little AMH too.) Testing plasma levels of AMH before IVF is a useful indicator of ovarian reserve and potential response to IVF drugs. If AMH levels are within the normal range, your ovaries may react better to stimulating medication.

How many follicles are normal for IVF cycle?

The stimulation must result in a minimum of 3 mature (or close to mature) follicles (we consider follicles to be mature if they are 16-20mm in average diameter on the day of HCG). Alternatively, if there are 2 follicles 16-20mm and at least 2 more that are 13-15mm, we can proceed to the egg retrieval.

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