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Are You Ready to Bring Sex(y) Back to Fertility?

This is for Couples Who Want to Have a Child and Finally Be Done With IVF…

So That They Can Conceive Naturally & Welcome Their Soul Child.

And yes, single women are welcome too!

Did You Know, It Takes 90 Days to Create Healthy Eggs & Sperm?


Yes! It’s true. That is why I’m opening the doors to my Bring Sex(y) Back to Fertility 90-day Online Program for couples.

What I know to be true from my work in this industry, including working with Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate).

I see the pain.

  • I see and feel your desperation.
  • I hear the cries for help from couples and women who are desperate to conceive.
  • I understand the emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical torture of trying to conceive… without success.
  • I know that you ache to conceive your soul child… but despite spending thousands of dollars on IVF or other conception methods you’ve waited months, or years for your baby to manifest in your real body and you’re at a loss as to what else you can do.

Maybe you’re dreaming about a divine conception of your soul child, inviting it to drop into your womb with ease, ready to light up your life and that of the people around you…


It breaks my heart to see people like you suffer and relationships disintegrate due to immense stress and trauma!

And that is why I’ve dedicated myself to helping women and couples fall pregnant, naturally. I know without a doubt that it can be done, no matter your story.

But I also know that conceiving isn’t possible without first taking a DEEP look at your lifestyle, your mindset and your food. Everything is connected.

In the 90-Day Bring Sex(y) Back to Fertility Program you’ll discover first hand why preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are the key ingredients to fertility.

You are about to enter the possibility of great change and growth in your life.


But first, who am I? Can you trust me?

Hi, my name is Helen Zee. I’m an Intimacy Coach, Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Alchemist for individuals and couples who want to embrace their sacred sexuality and conceive their soul child, without having to fork out in excess of $20,000 for IVF treatment.

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and teaching the art of fertility, sexuality and relationships. I even once worked for Monash IVF for a 6 month pilot program on helping women with lifestyle factors (which had a 70% success rate).

In addition, I’m a fitness trainer, qualified yoga teacher and nutritional coach. And I have a Bachelor of Science. The information and teachings I share are backed by science, medicine and my own expert knowledge.

I’m wholesome and holistic in my approach to life. I have been told that I am the “heart and presence” of what I do, because I listen and give transformational guidance and advice to people’s pain.


Preconception is a rite of passage.

The 90-Day Bring Sex(y) Back to Fertility Program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to prepare your body for conception.
  • You’re ready to release fears & anxiety around pregnancy and parenthood.
  • You’re interested in sexual empowerment for greater intimacy in your relationship… before, during and after babies.
  • You live outside the Melbourne, Australia area and are looking for guidance, support and nurturing from a qualified professional who will always hold your highest truth above everything else.

I help you discover any blockages, shift past limitations and gain clarity about what is possible for you.


In just 90 days anything is possible, but you’ve got to want to experience this.

Imagine how, after just 90 days you’re able to:

  • Understand this new paradigm in conception that changes people’s lives in a massive way.
  • Create a beautiful sacred space for your soul child to arrive.
  • Connect with each other deeply, passionately, lovingly, without shame or feeling self conscious about your body.
  • Enjoy better health and stamina so that you can thoroughly enjoy sex, life and each other, without having to resort to pills, potions and expensive stimulants to get turned on.
  • Call in your soul child consciously and with intent, by understanding exactly what it takes to conceive in spirit before your divine conception can embody itself in you.
  • Awaken the sacred fertile power within you.

Take a peek inside the program…

Get access to a total of 6 modules, delivered over the space of 12 weeks (90 days). You’ll be able to access the training via a password-protected web page from any computer or smart device in the world. A new module is delivered to you via email every 2 weeks—each module includes a written section, plus an audio or video and home play exercises for implementation.

In the in-between module weeks you will receive email check ins from me for ongoing support and nurturing.

Module #1: Self Love. In this module we’ll explore the lost art of self love and how you can reignite the sacred process of falling head over heels in love again, with your beautiful self. A must for when you become a parent too. Learn this for yourself and teach it to your child and create a more loving world.

Module #2: Sex and Intimacy. If sex feels robotic and intimate bonding scares the bejesus out of you, you’ll love how with this module you’ll rediscover what it feels like to own both practices, with purpose, joy and childlike play.

Module #3: Lifestyle. We’ll take inventory of your life for nutrition, fitness, and stress relief. I’ll share with you simple lifestyle changes you can make, even if you’re busy or hate exercise so that you can enjoy better health and feel an increase in your well being. Did you know? I’m also a fitness trainer and nutritional coach.

Module #4: Clearing Your Sexual Past. In this module we’ll identify your sexual wounds from the past so that you can clear the stale energies and step into a beautiful awareness that allows you to open yourself up to greater experiences.

Module #5: Communication. If you’re keen to spice up your sex life and keep things juicy and playful then you’ll love this “talk between the sheets” module. Authentic communication and conflict resolution skills carry your relationship through all of its cycles. This is essential to not have a simple situation implode.

Module #6: Intimacy During Pregnancy, Post Birth, Breastfeeding and Beyond. Many couples believe (mistakenly) that they can’t have sex and be intimate when the woman is pregnant or while she breastfeeds. Let’s bust those myths and set the record straight—once and for all.

3 x 1-Hour Q&A Hot Seat Sessions (one session per month). These LIVE calls will be facilitated via Zoom. You can join us from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Intended to answer your pressing questions, give you peace of mind and allowing you to get my undivided attention. These calls will be recorded and added to the training pages in case you can’t join us.

Conception couples also get 1 x 1.5 hr Soulchild Alignment Session with me: during which we’ll invite your soul child to come forth using the sacred ancient teachings of tantra. Tantra is the attainment of complete enlightenment, with an ultimate state of peace.

Your investment in the 90-Day Bring Sex(y) Back to Fertility Program is just AUD$497. Ask yourself right now: how much time, money and energy have you spent already trying to conceive? Do you think this investment is worthy of your efforts? Absolutely!


And if you act now you’ll also get my very special bonuses below:

  • A beautiful guided meditation MP3 to help soothe your heart, soul, body and mind during stressful moments.
  • Access to a special closed support group on Facebook. Ask me any question any time and I’ll periodically stop by to make sure your questions are answered.

I can’t wait to show you a new way to creating your divine conception, with intent, pleasure, intimacy and fun. It takes 90 days to enhance your fertile energy!

Change your body, enhance your relationship and develop into the parents you desire to be before your baby arrives in your arms.

Getting pregnant is not always easy. When a baby isn’t conceived, you can question your worth, your body, your relationship and even what life will look like moving forward.

Nature’s way of preparing you for parenting is for any unresolved grievances and trauma to arise. Addressing your own past hurts and wounds is crucial in avoiding this being birthed into another generation.

And there is a powerful segment in the program to address past hurts.

Many couples don’t consider the change in sexual relationships when trying to create a baby. All too often sex changes, sex around ovulation becomes stressful and intimacy wanes.

This affects the reproductive energy needed to birth your child. WHY?

Because sex, intimacy, emotions all evolve from our sexual energy centre. Anything unresolved comes up to be resolved. 

My vision is to teach you the practices on lifestyle and sexuality to birth your family from loving presence and deep interconnectedness.

You can have a deeper loving sensual relationship long after the thermometers, ovulation kits and pregnancy tests are over. This is the cornerstone of creating happy families. I hope to see you in the program.


Helen xo


Why should I choose this over IVF? How does your immersion give me assurances?

Great questions. Let me give you a little overview about what it actually costs in Australia to successfully get pregnant with IVF? This may shock you, but it comes straight from the IVF Worldwide website. These statistics are for Australia:

  • $ 17,568 for women aged under 35
  • $ 22,034 for women aged 35 – 37
  • $ 28,571 for women aged 38 – 39
  • $ 52,000 for women aged 40 – 42
  • $ 162,500 for women aged 43 – 44
  • $ 650,000 for women aged Over 44

Average IVF success rate and average no. of cycles required to pregnancy:

  • 6% for under 35, with 3.4 cycles
  • 6% for 35 – 37, with 4.2 cycles
  • 2% for 38 – 39, with 5.5 cycles
  • 0% for 40 – 42, with 10 cycles
  • 2% for 43 – 44, with 31.3 cycles
  • 8% for over 44, with 125 cycles

Couples or singles who choose IVF are spending months, and years in treatment until they fall pregnant (if they do). Nothing is guaranteed. IVF offers no guarantees. Neither can I. But what I can offer you is the tools, the knowledge and the ability to connect DEEPLY with the wisdom that is already inside of you that will help you to consciously create your soul child.

And you can participate in this 12-week journey without side effects, unexpected costs and multiple visits to the IVF clinic.


I love this immersion but am a little worried about having to bare my story in front of strangers during the monthly Q&A calls.

I’m hearing you. I wanted to assure you that this isn’t a necessity if you’re not comfortable sharing in front of “strangers.” The monthly Q&A calls are opportunities to ask me any questions you may have about conceiving naturally or being comfortable with intimacy and are intended as extra support pillars for peace of mind. You will also get access to the recordings of these calls in case you can’t make them.


What if I want extra time with you? Is this possible?

Of course. If you want private 1:1 time with me, in person or on Zoom we can discuss this separately. I’m happy to offer you a customised support and nurturing package to suit your personal situation and circumstances so that you can reach out to me in a private environment when and if you need to.


Helen, I love this but am afraid that my partner will not want to join me for this immersion. What should I do?

It’s normal to have these fears because in a partnership there’s always one show steers the ship and one who is a little less decisive. It’s ok.

That is why I’ve created this program for couples, as well as singles. If you’re in a partnership but your partner may feel hesitant to join you then there are plenty of things you can explore on this journey. Every step you take on your own (or together) will help with the dynamic of your relationship.

You’ll be able to share your newfound wisdom with your partner. Plus he or she will love the intimacy practices and guidance you’ll discover during our time together.


My partner travels a lot. Will there be a problem if we want to access the modules months from now when we can do this together?

Absolutely not. The modules are yours to keep. I wanted to make sure that busy people can access the content even if they’re pressed for time.

That’s why you’ll be able to participate in your own time… whenever it suits you. Hey, you can even take a mini break if you are going in for fertility treatments. The course has been created taking your medical and lifestyle factors into consideration.