Consciously Conceive Your Baby Retreat

Inviting couples who want to have a child and finally be a family... And yes, single women are welcome too! Immerse yourself and liberate the sacred fertility power that lives inside you. Consciously conceive your baby and boost your fertility.

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Art of Hugging meets Sensual Play

Wake your senses via exploration  in a safe consensual container as we meld hugging, connection, dance and play into an afternoon of delight-full-ness.

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Art of Hugging meets Sensual Play

Explore the art of hugging  that leaves you feeling your inner soul connection. Feel the natural energy that awakens in you. welcome it for yourself. And allow it to be the guide as you share within the circle and in your everyday life.  Wake your senses via exploration  in a safe consensual container

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The Cocktail of Attraction

Our hormonal system is responsible for creating rewarding sensual and spirit experiences. And in the same vain, the act of sex can be a double-edged sword when we are navigating our emotions and desires. How can the act of lovemaking give people experiences of deep euphoric bliss and at other times, feel disjointed, empty and unfulfilled?

Learn Acupressure for Fertility

Why Wait for a Full Year to Be Labelled Infertile? The general perception of infertility is a couple endeavoring their first pregnancy and failing after one year of unprotected sex. Yet, within the first year of trying to conceive, 80 to 85 percent of couples succeed. Those that do not

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