Conscious Conception Coaching with Helen Zee Now On Offer

Are you wishing to experience more joy and pleasure in your body and in your relationship? Would you like to know how to open up to more of the conscious conception realm?

“My intent is for you to feel intimacy and pleasure in your body through your open heart, and embody it as a way of BEING as opposed to DOING in your daily life. Enjoying yourself whilst you are preparing for your baby” ~ Helen Zee

Intimacy is an integral and important part of our lives. Its our birth rite to experience ourselves and to have sustained pleasure in our life. Life becomes more nourishing and meaningful on many levels when we accept our pleasure in our body as a way of BEING as opposed to DOING to create it as specific experiences. Tantra philosophy, practices and healing are the way I offer this to you.
intimate wellnessDo you feel you can connect with your deeper intimacy?

Can you recognise your barriers of protection and are you willing to release them?

Are your worn out thoughts, emotional patterns, hiding or playing small preventing you from fully living and expressing yourself in your life?

Are you trying to get pregnant but cant?

Do you experience sexual dysfunction?

Do you wish to understand relationship dynamics better and how masculine and feminine polarities naturally exist in our relating?

If you are nodding “yes” to any of this, then this is what you can expect from your personalised sessions:

~explore the sensuality and pleasure in your body

~ learn or relearn ways of deepening your interactions
~ understand the masculine and feminine ways of relating in healthy and unhealthy ways
~ identify with the barriers that are preventing you from conceiving
~ healing and mentoring in the parts of your life that leave you separated from your vitality, vibrancy and essence
~personalised education with home practices for you and your partner

 INTENTION OF SPACE CREATED – the space created and offered is one of integrity, trust and a sense of safety to allow your full expression, awareness, education and mentoring so you can take action in your personal life.
The practices and philosophy includes breath, bodywork, education, talks on sexual dysfunction (where applicable). Using Councelling, sexual education and tantra philosophies.

SESSIONS OFFERED are for singles and couples, with a specialised educational program for couples trying to conceive

SESSIONS can be experienced in person (2 hours) or via Skype (1 hour). In person sessions held in Melbourne Australia, or by invite for interstate or overseas clients

YOUR OFFER – as an introductory offer you can have 3 Intimacy Wellness Coaching sessions and PAY FOR 2 ONLY!* (to be completed within 8 weeks of each other for best results

Information and booking by contacting me here.


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