Happiness in a committed relationship does not come as a result of struggle or hard work, and it’s not about settling for less than what you desire, and yet it can be viewed this way for many.
Feeling happy in a relationship does not mean there are no arguments, differences of opinion or grievances to overcome. It is about having confidence and security in your will to work together and grow through them.
When you add positive and fun experiences into your relationship regularly, the hurdles are dealt with more confidently.
Layers of communication are an essential skill to establish in your relationship. Speaking of the mundane or avoiding communication when a situation is tough does not create the mileage in contributing to a satisfying relationship.
Or when a relationship heavily relies on domesticated communication (finances, child-rearing, chores), it can decrease intimacy.
We express our feelings and thoughts all the time – through words, sounds, gestures and behaviours.
Adding positive behaviours, such as affection, sensual touch, words of appreciation, to a relationship has significant impact on a couple’s happiness and depth of intimacy.
When I work with couples, we use levels of verbal and non verbal communication. Part of our sessions is based on non-verbal communication, witnessing the response in your partner as you journey through intimacy practices. Whilst also feeling what is going on for you in your body, in response to the practices.
We introduce new practices and behaviours, supporting both of you to receive and open more deeply. Sharing language that supports feeling, appreciation and cultivating a deep loving space.
I find the magic is in the invitation! Inviting each other to feel, to receive, to open, to penetrate..
The ease of connection is facilitated by warming up first, truly feeling each other and creating the space for an invitation to go deeper.
No one likes cold callers, intruders knocking on your door, your relationship is no different.
Leaving little or no warm up – loving sensual touch, words of appreciation or acknowledgement of each other – and wanting sexual intimacy, is like cold calling. Your partner won’t respond favourably over a longer period of time.
Simple ways to build layers of intimate communication include:
– Behaviours instilling trust. Do you live what you desire and treasure? Are you true to your word?
– Create presence through eye gazing
– Touch with sounds of appreciation and expressing your feelings.
– Spoken words of love that are authentic and heartfelt.
– Gestures of kindness towards your partner.
– And equally important, to yourself! When your partner sees you being kind towards yourself, it’s an indication of your capacity to create love in your life.
I can support you with this in my Ignite your Intimacy package. Contact me below for more info on the package.
Image credit – Lightstargod