The coining of 2020 has become a story for many. Many have morphed the ebbs and flows of the year that was, into a long story, short story, and something between.

This is my short story about my relationship with the fitness industry in 2020.

I was in quiet denial when the fitness industry was one of the first to close down. How could the wellness industry shut down within a health crisis? I found myself shaking my head as I travelled my corridors, made my bed, and potted around the house. Some of the hardest times was when I would usually be on stage teaching a class.

I thought it was short term. My body wanted it to be short term. I orchestrated my life and career based on educating people on their health and wellness. On defining the relationships they desire through empowered choices. And I felt debilitated having my core work stripped bare.

My class performance helps to keep me mentally and physically in shape. It is an integral part of my ethos. And the wellness ethos for millions of Australians.

Throughout lockdown, I could feel my mind and body morphing. Boredom eating, exercising with less intensity, and driving to a local cafe for a coffee, food – to get out of the house! It all started to creep up on me.

Calorie upon calorie creeped up, as less exercise and movement was imposed. (the Victoria guidelines of 1 hr of exercise per day did not equate to the fitness output I was used to!)

Oh…and through a year of lockdown, my body morphed into menopause. Just to add to the changes of shut down – externally and internally!

I am a fitness professional. I know better. I can walk/run the forest. I can do pushups on the land…I can squat and run up my property…and yet, I was not inspired.

I was missing the accountability and the interaction. Just as my clients experience with me. I wanted it for myself.

What did you miss out on the most in 2020?

I had women reach out to me because the stress of lockdown and shut down led to menstrual health issues. Health and wellbeing was taking its toll. I actioned the call out.

I offered the Menstrual Health Optimisation Course throughout 2020 to help women improve their health. I turned the face to face offering into an online program. The benefit is reaching more women than I could have in person.

So, as I was coaching women on women’s health; I took on a personal trainer, online. I was meeting my edge. I haven’t trained under a trainer for 18 years. Let alone online. And yet, I reminded myself that women were reaching out to me in the online space. And where also calling out to improve their wellbeing.

We have to know when to reach out for help – even if it’s in a field that we have an authoritative voice in.

I took on Dan Hall of Urban Training. I braved the online space and started to taste the medicine I have dished out for years.

Accountability with food choices Accountability with exercise prescription Mindset fine tuning And a community environment.

I started to train for ME. I started to eat for my energy levels, changing body shape and vitality.

I started to enjoy the fine tuning my body again, regained the pep in my step, and kept the ethos of wellness alive in me.

It doesn’t take much to feel better within yourself. It takes starting. It takes backing oneself.

Because when things are taken away from us that are pivotal to our wellbeing, we find another way.

The next Menstrual Health Optimisation Short Course starts this Thursday 18th March. And there is still time to join HERE.

Because as a woman, many of us do not know what goes on with our hormonal health and how we can fine tune our wellbeing. I am available to pass this precious information onto you.

What is special about the course is you get to fill out a detailed Health Intake Form which I use to create the program. No two programs are the same. I create it with you in mind.

We work weekly with the four phases of the menstrual cycle. And by the end of the course, you fine tune a health and wellness manifesto that is specific to you.

Bookings close Wednesday 17th at 5pm – to enable me to gather your information and tailor Week One’s program.

The booking link with the full program synopsis is HERE

If you are drawn to join us, I would be delighted to have you! (and please pass this onto your loved friends and family that you know will benefit.)

In loving kindness,

When a coach seeks a coach

Feminine Embodiment Mentor,
Fertility and Relationship Coach